Fishing in Port Macquarie

port macquarie fishing tips

Port Macquarie is literally awash with fish, which is evident by the number and health of the local dolphin community!

The excitement of the kids when they catch a fish makes it well worth the effort of finding a comfy spot and sharing some knowledge.

At the end of Clarence Street is the Fishermen’s Coop wharf where you can actually see the fish you are chasing.

Use a simple hand line with a small hook and no sinker, baited with bread, dough or prawn for the very best results and fish from about an hour before to an hour after high tide.

Fishing In National Parks

National Parks, reserves and marine parks that include this symbol provide opportunities for recreational fishing.  If you want to fish in NSW waters (both, fresh and salt water) you’ll need to purchase a NSW Fishing Licence and carry it with you at all times.  For details contact NSW Fisheries or go to their web site at.